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My father gets this way anytime we watch Star Trek. It’s amazing my mom and I haven’t been reduced to violence.

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  1. m.s. says:

    …what? What do you say??? GODS, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

  2. Falon says:

    Yay, Star Trek. Claire would fit in nicely in that universe……

  3. Kschenke says:

    Is Luthur harking back to his past life? :O

  4. donbionicle says:

    MAAAAAAYBE, who knows? He came from a weird time.

  5. Tim McDaniel says:

    View Source shows that the alt text is

    Nowadays we just say “WE KNOW” before they even beam to the surface.

    However, the alt text is double-quoted, so it ends at the first one. Can this be fixed, please?