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  1. ladymurasai says:

    The chickens strike again…

  2. jackie says:

    freaking chickens.

  3. Kamikazemuffin says:

    Poor chickens. Peck the mean old wolfie’s eyes out

  4. 'Mo says:

    His sharp-toothed grin broke the poor chicken’s fragile, feather-brained psyche.
    Also, it is quite impressive that he can still talk whilst in canine form. Can I have him as a pet please? It would be fairly amazing to have a pet talk back.
    Although I may have to learn German…

  5. Sebastian says:

    This ist the first time i see a “ß” in a non-german comic. – It feels weird but in a heartwarming way.

  6. Leebeloola says:

    hehehe! those chickens are the spawn of the hordes of hell. mwahahaha!

    Also, a talking wolf sidekick/pet would be fantastic! Hm…does he keep his clothes on when he transforms back? growl! ;-P

  7. ~L.K. says:

    I imagine that werewolf-chicken relations aren’t very good!