The Cast

ClaireOverthrowing the ancien régime tends to make people thirsty, and herein lies the heroism of the common wench.  Unfortunately for the patrons of the Red Ferret Inn, Claire is hardly a common wench.

With the attention span of a maniacal canary and a gift for inciting large urban riots, she seems to be destined for more than sudsing out crusty mugs.

But can she handle the Living Dead?  Or rather, can the Living Dead handle Claire?

Occupation: Wench
Disposition: Bonkers

LucienIt’s tough to be a white knight when you’re one of Satan’s henchmen.  Lucien, however, has been giving it the old college try for the last 147 years.

It’s inevitable that he tends to get a little ground down by it all.  Toss in a revolution, and Lucien has been trying to read the same page of Plato’s Republic for the last six months.

All he needs is a few days in the countryside to be his old dashing self again, though.  Right?  Riiiiight…

Occupation: Hero
Disposition: Tired

GinevraMost girls grow up wanting to be ballerinas.  Ginevra wanted to be an ice-hearted succubus riding side-saddle on the Devils own stallion, and she always, always gets what she wants.

Unfortunately, unalloyed hatred for everything under the sun can be stressful.  “Rage Management” simply isn’t one of the Black Arts.

But then, in this day and age, who isn’t having a little trouble keeping their head?

Occupation: Bitch
Disposition: Evil

LutherEach yin has its yang, and each sensitive French vampire has his sarcastic German werewolf. Luther is Lucien’s werewolf.

Most people come to Paris for the museums and the cuisine; Luther comes to make sure Lucien hasn’t jumped off a bridge yet.

Plus, why spend an evening at the Opera when you can just take in the free street theater that is the Children of the Night?  At least none of them have fleas…

Occupation: Skeptic
Disposition: Amused


Even Hell has room for a few tulips, and Audric is a blue-ribbon bulb.  He brings as much sunshine as possible into his role as leader of a bunch of people who explode on contact with sunshine.

Of course, this cheerful outlook means that his choice in recruits can trend a little further towards whimsy than the demon hordes might actually prefer.

But he probably bakes a mean batch of snickerdoodles.


Occupation: Evil Overlord
Disposition: Perky

RougiereFor every revolutionary leader who blazes with the power of a thousand pure, ideological suns, there are several dozen revolutionary middle managers who lightly bake with the power of a very self-interested toaster oven.

Rougiere‘s unique talent is avoiding execution.  Unfortunately for the vampires of Paris, now he’s aiming to turn that skill at being “not yet dead” into a career in being “permanently UNdead.”  Ewwww.

Disposition: Deluded