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  1. m.s. says:

    I just now noticed that comments are closed.

    So it’s like I left many secrect messages to you and myself. Muahahahah.

  2. carolinaroh says:

    It is very a pity to me, I can help nothing, but it is assured, that to you will help to find the correct decision. Do not despair.

  3. Hilary says:


  4. Theodore says:

    I originally thought that Claire(Zanya?) was smoking.

    Awesome story though finished it about 30 minutes or so. (i love it when comics have alt texts)

  5. Akamar says:

    … XD drat.. I was rather digging that. I will have to look into getting the book. ;3

  6. Rask says:

    SO buying the book, very much so, oh my gosh.

  7. Onick says:


  8. RMM says:

    Just read the whole thing in one sitting. Loved it!

  9. JamieEgg says:

    SEQUEL!!! What happens between the story and the epilogue… :-) maybe??

  10. 'Mo says:

    Fantastic! and I second m.s., if what they say is true…oh well! Loved it dearly!

  11. Icecream says:


    Thank you very much for a hugely entertaining read.

  12. This was a magnificent read. I will definitely be placing a link to this on my comic website so that others can find and read it. This was brilliant and hillarious.

  13. Allyne says:

    That is one enjoyable comic. I sat down and read the whole ting while I should have been working. Ahaha, thanks for the wonderful comic!

  14. Almost Literally says:

    Agh, so sad it is over. Just reread it all tonight, even better the second time! I’ve already purchased the book, can’t wait until it comes in! Now, for some sleep.

  15. Lady Amber says:

    Nifty story , great art will look forward to the “SEQUEL” !!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Fyn says:

    I have ordered the book, (extra special pack) and can’t wait to get it! I LOVED this comic; one of the best vampire ones I have read to date.
    Hope to see more of this group!

  17. Jaylore626 says:

    Just wanna say, I don’t often leave comments for webcomic authors unless the story I’ve been reading has been surpassingly kickass. I started reading yours, having found a link on TVTropes (of all places!), and at first I thought the style was quite a bit odder than I could take. But after a few pages, it made me laugh, and then laugh again (harder than the first) and then I couldn’t stop reading. Quite amazingly done, well thought out, and I *loved* the characters! I think just about the only thing I was really rather disappointed about was when you ended it. Your characters are compelling enough to be marching through the pages of their loony history for years to come. Ah well…all good things, ne? I’ll definitely be buying a copy myself – looking forward to discovering your other stuff! Bravo, I say! Bravo! :)

  18. dema says:

    Adore – and have adored – this comic for years. Re-reading it for the umpteenth time, I keep on coming across beautiful and hilarious things I hadn’t noticed before. The lettering, the layout, the fantastic facial expressions – all are a matter of course for you! Even Claire’s belly-button in the penultimate page is amazing! I’ll be buying the book, as soon as I scrape together the cash, and have been following Family Man from Day 1 – though I can’t help wishing that you’ll have time for a Bite Me sequel one day. Cheers to you, the best webcomic artist I’ve ever read!

  19. ????? says:

    Very cool. Very ingenious. Like what they did with ‘The Maxx’ back in the day MTV should animate ‘Bite Me’ for midnight showings.

  20. Hex says:


  21. Anistuffs says:

    I too am a visitor from Tvtropes like Jaylore626 & my life is all the better for it. Thank you Dylan for this outrageously awesome comic & for once Tvtropes, you done good ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Snowva says:

    Trรƒยจs bien vu! You got me with your fox, I was intrigued by the wolves but the vampires are definitely the jackpot. Still, it sorts of gives a kind of spoiler for your other comic now; but still am impatient for more wolves!

  23. please bite me says:

    wait a minute, it’s over? OVER? It can’t be over! There’s so much more havoc to create! WITH THE SPOON!!!! There must be more. THERE MUST. MUST I TELL YOU.
    Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed this. Wonderful work, bravo!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    ( “buck, buck?”)

  24. Magna Moon says:

    This comic is totally EPIC. I wonder why I didn’t come across it before…

  25. KT says:

    Love this comic!

  26. Em says:

    I feel so bad that it’s 2015, and I just now read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Just wanted to thank you for Your Distant Homeland, and then I followed a link from Kellett’s site to here. Read the entire comic in one sitting. Loved it!