Epilogue Page 5



Epilogue Page 5

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  1. ladymurasai says:

    Those are Spider Jerusalem shades! Uber!

  2. Kirviesniemi says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable read, from beginning to end. To bad it’s over. Love the Spider-shades.
    Lovely characters all round
    Del mortis nil nisi bene

  3. Onick says:


  4. Sorcyress says:

    @ladymurasai Man, you beat me to it. EEEE, Spider!

  5. inuyashakoneko says:

    well damn. Claire wearing the spider shades has won my vote. This has got to be the best vampire comic of all time. A must-have. *searches for enough francs to buy it*

  6. Allyne says:

    I’m loving how Lucien’s fencing mask fits his cheekbones.

  7. Taniahhhh says:

    eros! lol
    loved this comic, all the way

  8. Heterodyne says:

    9 kotaus
    Adorable. merveilleux, fantastique!
    I loved it from beginning to end.
    Beim zweiten Mal fast noch mehr!

  9. Laura says:

    Love that she is a scientist and a punk rocker!