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  1. m.s. says:

    I have to say, the amount of expression you manage to cram into the dozen or so lines
    that make up Claire’s face is really rather astonishing.

  2. Falon says:

    Claire is awesome.

  3. Niz says:

    I haven’t commented yet even though this comic is made of awesome,
    but I have to say – is the whole
    “It could be worse… how so? It could be raining” thing from
    Young Frankenstein? That is a parody movie of greatness XD.
    Niz xxx

  4. 'Mo says:

    the subtext, “or they could be wearing uncomfortable shoes”?
    …yeah. imagine walking amongst all those heads in stilettos.

  5. Almost Literally says:

    Or worse, wearing uncomfortable shoes in the rain.

  6. Kschenke says:

    Ah, Young Frankenstein. We just need Madeline Kahn to make a cameo.