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  1. gg_83 says:

    Best reason to learn ’em! I have a friend who could say “You weakling, I will hit you repeatedly until you die” in Japanese.

    At one point, I tried to make an icon with the two panels of hanky-sniffing Luther, followed by the caption “My fandom has magically-growing sideburns.” Because I love that line *so* much. Sadly, my icon-making skills (and equipment) are somewhat lacking.

  2. 'Mo says:

    Down boy. Good puppy. /pat pat

  3. Rinnan says:

    It’s like Mr. Hyde and then… even Hyde-er.

  4. Kschenke says:

    That’s High German Pwnage right there.

  5. zuppup says:

    That’s the exact same reason why I know how to say “Je mange le petite enfants.”

  6. Eiríkr says:

    「弱虫め、お前が死ぬまでぶちまくるぜ!」 “Yowamushi-me, omae ga shinu made buchi-makuru ze!” … or something along those lines.

  7. Tina says:

    I can say “Get in the corner” in four languages. It used to be five, but I forgot how to say it in Japanese.