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When, you know.  Luther will be dead.

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  1. TheRealVamp says:

    crafty luther,crafty

  2. Sebastian says:

    I really enjoy this. And I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to find a decent place and look for Luthers nose in evry panel.

    Greetings from someone living near Regensburg.

    And look on what Luther’s “flirting” may look in german:
    “Immerhin seid Ihr, meine Dame, eine mörderische Harpie, stets bedacht Männerleben zur durchwachten Hölle zu machen.”
    “Eure Augen sind wie Gabeln, einem jeden ewiglich das Gesicht zerstechen.”
    “Und Euer selbstverliebter Stolz hat die Größe eines zutiefst überfressenen Wals…”

  3. Tamfang says:

    I watched several episodes of My Name Is Earl last night, so this reminds me of the bits where Catalina seems to be cussing out Joy (in Spanish) but she’s really talking to the audience.

  4. Kschenke says:

    Apparently the French find German to be very sexy.