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  1. Andrea says:

    The sword goes twoiing. lol. God Lucien was a real modest guy wasn’t he? Guess vampirism changes you.

  2. puddingpie says:

    Twoing is the best sound effect ever.

  3. That’s not the onloy sword going twoing I bet…

  4. Almost Literally says:

    ROFL at the Twoiing! Human Lucien is ADORABLE.

  5. Tamfang says:

    Some swords think it’s fun to go threeing, though I never really saw the appeal.

  6. Hex says:

    Hoozy-twaddle. I must use that more often!

  7. Laura says:

    Best old fashioned pick up lines ever! Must try these out when wearing my old fashioned outfits.