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I know that chickens don’t have eyebrows.

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  1. m.s. says:

    God, I love that Evil Chicken.
    I want an Evil Chicken EVERYTHING.

    I read this far tonight just to leave a comment on the Evil Chicken Page, because I LOVE THAT EVIL CHICKEN. Surely I am not alone in this.

  2. Andrea says:

    Extremely cordial indeed. *snort*

  3. *giggle*
    Cordial indeed.

  4. TheRealVamp says:

    vair vair i weird i would love to have that evil chicken as a pet?

  5. sunshine says:

    i love Claire’s “chicken!” interrupts XD

  6. Tamfang says:

    Maybe devil chickens have eyebrows?

  7. donbionicle says:

    That’s certainly one way to cock an eyebrow.

  8. Hex says:

    Reading this over for about the third time. I can & will attest to the fact that chickens ARE evil creatures! You’d think they’d be grateful that you feed them and raise them as little eggs. But no, they attack you — squawk, claw, and all!

  9. Juan Pablo Noroña says:

    Heh, i once wrote a story about a chicken who wanted to conquer the world by means of commandeering the international trade of Swiss chocolate.

  10. reddir says:

    Wow, you even made that chicken’s eye look twitchy – its clearly plotting something, and not going to be patient with those who get in its way.