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  1. m.s. says:

    Who needs instructions?
    The pointy end goes in the other man, right?

  2. ladymurasai says:

    Not again…she definitely need to stay away from all that which is pointy and sharp.

  3. Tamfang says:

    I heard at a Renaissance Faire that during one of the many parades a boy ran up to the guy carrying the big ceremonial sword, grabbed it by the blade and asked, “Is it sharp?”

  4. Taylor says:

    Claire + pointy objects = BAD

  5. Kereth Midknight says:

    There are actually a number of medieval combat treatises which specify holding onto the blade you’re fighting with or even grappling an opponents weapon -by the blade- with one’s -bare hands-. In practice, sharp though the swords were, it was friction with the blade that caused damage, not just touching them. The blade only has to slip slightly to slice your hand open, but as long as you’re just holding it, and you have a firm grip, you can grasp a blade, by the blade, all you want without injury. You could theoretically try this with a sharp knife at home, holding it by the blade and having somebody try to yank it out of your hand, but remember: a.) no white-knuckle gripping (that actually makes it easier to yank away, at which point you get cut) b.) use a blade that’s large enough that you can actually grip it and c.) I take no responsibility if your friend is stronger than you and actually does manage to yank it away and slice your hand open (although this takes a serious strength advantage and good leverage).