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The guy in the right bottom panel is saying “So then they cut off Carton’s head…”, and his barmate replies “…pity” which is what happens when they make you read Tale of Two Cities in high school and there’s only one good character in the whole darn book.

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  1. blubell says:

    Oh, god, i thought the exact same thing.
    Carton was the only one I liked, and of course he had to die.
    I was quite traumatized.

  2. little miss me says:

    The first time I read this I thought it said ‘hot wench’ instead of ‘hoy, wench!'”

  3. Fira says:

    AToTC had some of the best (albeit rather DRY) humor I’ve ever read…but yeah, the majority (read: all but one) of the characters sucked.